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Software Engineer at Microsoft


Reece Kenney

Software Engineer



My name is Reece Kenney and I'm from Rugby, England. I'm 22 years old and currently working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. In May 2015 I graduated Leeds Beckett University, formerly Leeds Metropolitan with a First Class Computing degree and I also studied Computer Science at Purdue University in Indiana, USA (ranked 48th in the world).

In addition to the role I have at Microsoft, I also:

I have over 15 years experience in Tang Soo Do which is a South Korean form of Karate. I am currently a 4th Dan black belt and run my own karate club that has over 50 students ages 4 to 65. I have many years experience competing all around the world and have won some significant titles over my time. In 2008 I was the British Champion, in 2009 I was the British Champion again, in 2010 I was the Eurpoean Champion and in 2011 I was the World Champion. I stopped competing in 2011 after I won the world title so that I could focus on my studies.


A representation of my use in each skill.

Lowest possible value: 10% - Used for short period of time such as with a class project.

Highest possible value: 100% - Very extensive experience with this particular skill.


Used at Shoosmiths in many projects


Used every day in my role at Shoosmiths


I use this a lot.


I started creating websites in high school and have been ever since!


I have been using this since I started making websites


This forms a large part of any web based project


Used in many of my web based projects


Used with any PHP project I undertake


The first programming language I was introduced to!


Took a class on this while in America


The language I used when I started learning about iOS development


Used in all of my iOS apps


Used in all of my web projects


Took a class in this while in America


Used in my final year project for a class in America


Used in my final year project for a class in America


  • August 2012 - May 2015

    Leeds Metropolitan University

    Studied Computing

  • August 2013 - May 2014

    Purdue University, IN, USA

    Studied Computer Science

  • May 2015

    Graduated University

    Computing Degree with first class honours

  • June 2015

    Started at Shoosmiths Solicitors

    Software Engineer

  • February 2017

    Started at Microsoft

    Software Engineer

Relevant Work

Here is some examples of work I have produced.

Mobile Apps

Being a part of Apple's developer program allows me to distribute mobile apps all over the world. I have 5 apps live on the app store at the moment with over 30,000 cumulative downloads. I currently have 3 more apps in development at the moment that I hope to release in the coming months.

Beer Pong Arcade

  • An arcade style spin on the classic game 'Beer Pong'
  • Complete with upgrades, unlocks and in-app purchases
  • 20,000+ download to date! Website

Download it from the app store!

Present Finder

  • Gift suggestions application
  • Answer simple questions about the person you are buying the gift for
  • Algorithm generates gift suggestions that your person will love
  • See the commercial here

Temporarily unavailable. Working on an update.


  • Social application for bars in the USA
  • View nearby bars and nightclubs
  • Check into a venue to let people know you're going
  • See list of friends that are at each venue
  • Developed for team of people in America
  • Developed app website


  • A live chat messaging application
  • Talk to friends or random users over Wifi or 3G
  • Utilises Parse cloud database
  • Push notificaiton integration

Fruitnova (Unsupported)

  • A fast paced game in which users are required to tap right or left, depending on the fruit being shown
  • Time is running out! Get a fruit correct - time remaining will increase
  • Game Center integration - compete with the world for the high score!
Download it from the app store!

Pro Social (Unsupported)

  • Utilises Parse cloud database
  • Push notificaiton integration
  • A simple social media app allowing users to easily post updates, message users and upload profile pictures.

Web Design & Other

Ever since I challenged myself to create a social media website similar to Facebook as a way of learning PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax etc. I have always enjoyed web development. Here are some of the projects I worked on both in and outside of my studies.


Swirlfeed.com is a full scale social media website! Not only does it contain all the main functionality you get with the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but it also has unique features such as posting anonymously.

Croozer.us (in beta testing)

Croozer.us is the website I created for an app I'm developing for some people in America. It's a social app that allows users to see bars and entertainment venues nearby. Users can see the list of nearby bars and then check into a bar if they will be going. They can also see the headcount for a bar and see a list of people that are checked into that venue. This allows them to see where their friends are and plan their night accordingly.

Champion Tang Soo Do

ChampionTSD.com is the website I developed for my karate club. Includes a custom made'student section' that I built from scratch. It's a students only area where they can talk to other students, post questions to the newsfeed, earn points by participating in conversations and view their requirements for their next grading.

Beer Pong Arcade Website

This is the website I developed for my iPhone game Beer Pong Arcade. The purpose of this website is just to act as landing page for anyone who wants to learn more about the app before they download it.